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      Utopia Table Services        

Swedish Massage (optional)

Deep Tissue Massage(optional)
Meditation with weighted blanket
Blissed Off! (optional)
The WORKS (optional)
Facials (optional))
#WhiteNoiseWasted: massage &express facial w/ 4 add-ons
Triple Threat: Jacuzzi Table scrub, express facial, meditation & massage w/ one add-on
Back to Back Massage and Meditation :2 massage on traditional table, 2 meditation sessions
                 Couples Retreat: Meditation, Soak, couples massage
               Blissed Off! Couples Retreat: Meditation, Soak, couples massage w/ 6 add ons                                         
                  There are 2 Utopia Tables, however they are in separate rooms *WEIGHT LIMIT IS 275 LBS



Meditate and get #WhiteNoiseWasted on the only vibrating waterbed massage table in Indy! Customize your own playlist to FEEL THE SOUND and emit healthy frequencies to your whole body! Choose an add-on during your session (Aromatherapy diffuser, weighted blanket, Biofreeze application, CBD salve, Hot Stones, Cupping, Bamboo Sticks, Beard treatment, Exfoliating Foot Scrub or Back Scrub! Choose what type of music you’d like to listen to  (ex. spa music, meditation music, your favorite artist, podcast, or genre) Float without getting wet using cymatic hydrotherapy!  Choose a facial, massage, or just take a nap(meditation)! 

The Utopia Table enhances body function using massage therapy, water therapy, and frequency therapy to open energy channels and rejuvenate the mind and body to a state of bliss. We all know massage therapy aids in stress reduction and muscle pain. Yes, you could lay on a traditional massage table but the Utopia Table will trigger a relaxing response to your body down to a cellular level. The Utopia Table can help clients with literally any type of ailment because they are composed for specific parts of the body (see below).


How does it work?
We often hear people say don’t kill my vibe, or something gives you bad vibes but what does that really mean? It means VIBRATION Every living thing has a frequency measured in Hz.  The transducers (speakers) allow you to feel the music as its being played without the volume being loud using frequency therapy. Music is sound and sound is vibration, Sound waves move much faster through water than air. The acoustic water bag will give a floating effect and you don't even have to get your hair wet!  

Have you ever heard someone giving advice, singing, or playing music and it gave you chills or goosebumps? It made you vibrate, or resonate. You may feel a range of emotions laying on the Utopia Table such as nostalgia, happiness,or pain relief, you will resonate and feel emotions stir up inside you because they are the natural sounds of you. The vibrations syncing with the music allows you to non-invasively boost your immune and circulatory system for faster natural healing. When we harmonize and resonate we naturally heal from injuries. But If we lack harmony and dissonate it creates dis- ease in the body which leads to disease.


Massage is not a one time quick fix, it is therapy.. You wouldn’t expect your teeth  straightened after wearing braces for an hour, or go to the gym and be fit in an hour....So to expect all of the pain you’ve been experiencing to rid itself in an hour would be amazing it is also highly unlikely. FREQUENCY IS KEY! Book the Utopia Table today for only $20 upgrade, free with membership!

What are they saying about the utopia table?

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