Service Providers- please allow 30-90 mins for same day appointments

Amber- Deep Tissue Massage

JaNia- Wax & tint brows, Facials, Jacuzzi Table/spa services, waxing, Swedish massage

Krystle- Facials, Jacuzzi Table/spa services, Waxing, Swedish massage


Where are you located?

We are inside of the Expansive Coworking (Circle Tower) Building on Monument Circle (See photos at the bottom of the page) Please enter through the gold doors via East Market St. across from Chase Bank. We are on the 2nd floor in suite 222B adjacent to Luxori Salon. The exterior doors on Market Street are locked after 5 pm on weekdays and on weekends. Please check your intake form for directions and door codes. The keypad is on the building (not the kiosk, enter through the right side door).

Do you offer same day appointments?

Yes, however all bookings must have an appointment in advance. Walk-in appointments may be available please allow 30 mins-2 hours for immediate bookings. If you need assistance booking same day couples massage, multiple services in same day, or group services please call us. We are open Mon-Fri 10-8 pm, Sat 10-6 pm, & Sun 11-6 pm. All bookings must be paid in full or hold with a non-refundable $30 deposit. Same day appointments made Mon-Fri must be booked before 5pm, same day weekend bookings prior to 2pm .

What are your prices?

Check out our services page for pricing and booking services. You may book directly online at your convenience! For pricing please click on the service's title.

Do you offer couples massage?

We have one couples room available. The couples room includes a candlelit Art Deco room with aromatherapy, rose petals, 2 glasses of wine, 2 CBD gummies and music of your choice with 2 customized massages (add-ons optional) and 2 therapists in the same room. Session duration and session price is for both partners. The Couples Room must be booked with Partner A & Couples Room (Partner B) to ensure a therapist and time for both partners. Book Couples Room -Partner A (yourself) with a therapist then make a separate booking for your partner B for $0 with a different therapist at the same time to ensure availability for both partners and intake forms are completed. *if it is a surprise book both Partner A (yourself) and Partner B with your own email and phone number.

How do I book multiple people?

To book multiple people they must be booked individually. Each booking is for one therapist. The therapist's availability is online, check at the top of the screen to see each therapist's service list. Groups of 3 or more may purchase a series. We can accommodate groups of 3-10, please call/text to inquire about hosting a bridal shower, baby shower, or important celebration at B.Bliss Spa!

Where should I park?

Please allow time for parking. There is metered parking ($1.25/hr) available along East Market St. closest to Pennsylvania St. For prepaid meter parking please text your parking space number as you arrive. Prepaid parking is available for the EXPRESS PARK parking garage at 20 N. Pennsylvania for $15. Express Parking garage may be used as an add-on for services. Please do not park in reserved spaces UNLESS it is after 5pm or on weekends.

What happens after I book?

After booking an appointment you will receive an email confirmation to complete your intake form. The guest receiving the service MUST fill out the intake form prior to their session. Doors are locked on weekends and daily at 5pm. Your email confirmation is where you will find detailed directions and codes to the building. Please do not arrive more than 10 mins prior to your appointment time.

What is the Jacuzzi Table?

Try our Jacuzzi Table as you feel 12 relaxing jets all over your body, enjoy a bath bomb soak or full body scrub. The Jacuzzi Table is made for one person at a time. Please do not double book. You may wear a bathing suit or be covered with towels. Your hair will get wet (shower caps are available) Maximum height 76 inches. Maximum Width about 45-48 inches. Watch This

What is Blissed Off!? What is the Works?

Blissed Off! is a Swedish massage or facial with CBD gummy & any 3 add-ons! The WORKS is a Swedish massage or facial with CBD gummy & any 5 add-ons!

What is the Utopia Table?

The Utopia Table is the only vibrating waterbed massage table in Indy. Composed frequencies designed to emit healthy vibrations, it's the sound you can feel. There are 2 Utopia Tables however, they are in separate rooms. Available for facials, massages, or meditation.

What are the add-ons?

Add-ons are included in the massage time. Add-ons are included in the price for Blissed Off! and The WORKS, do not pay for them individually. Please make note of your selections in your intake form. Add-ons include Utopia Table upgrade, hot stones, cupping, Thai Poultices, foot scrub, back scrub, bamboo sticks, peppermint scalp massage, beard treatment, weighted blanket, arnica gel, Biofreeze, CBD oil, aromatherapy diffuser or Express Park parking garage. Facial add-ons include ice globes, hydrojelly mask, LED face mask, sheet mask, high frequency wand, or Enzyme mask.

What is #WhiteNoiseWasted?

#WhiteNoiseWasted You know that "massage drunk" feeling you get after a massage? Well, at B.Bliss Spa you'll feel WASTED after you experience a relaxing Swedish massage with a CBD gummy, aromatherapy and hot stones, an express facial with a peppermint scalp massage with a weighted blanket all on the exclusive Utopia Table. Facial and meditation take approximately 35 mins, remainder is massage time.

What is Triple Threat?

Triple Threat Enjoy all of the exclusive services B.Bliss Spa has to offer! Start with a Jacuzzi Table soak and scrub, next receive a relaxing massage on the Utopia Table and an express facial. Also includes a CBD gummy, weighted blanket, aromatherapy and one add-on of your choice! Scrub, Facial, & meditation takes approximately 65 mins, remainder is massage time. Available for couples, or the Blissed Off Triple Threat Couples Retreat!

What is the Couples Retreat?

Couples Retreat Start with a Jacuzzi Table soak, while your partner meditates on the Utopia then swap, next receive a relaxing massage together in our beautiful art deco couples room. Also includes 2 CBD gummies, wine, rose petals, and music of your choice! Soak & meditation takes approximately 30 mins, remainder is massage time. Want 3 add-ons each? Try the Blissed Off Couples Retreat!

What is Back to Back Massage and Meditation?

B2BM&M Great for couples that want separate rooms! Receive a massage in one room and then swap places with your partner and meditate on the Utopia Table. Time is split in half. Example: Total Time 90 minutes Partner A (you) receive a 45 min massage with a therapist meanwhile Partner B meditates on the Utopia Table. Then swap rooms while you meditate while they receive a massage for 45 mins. One therapist will perform both massages.

How can I follow B.Bliss Spa on social media?

Please follow and subscribe to us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and/or YouTube!

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancelled appointments will be used as Massagebook credit for later rescheduling, no refunds. No-call No-Shows are appointments cancelled less than 4 hours prior to appointment time and may not be rescheduled or refunded. A non refundable $30 deposit must be paid to hold your appointment.

Please do not Double Book

At B.Bliss Spa we have (2) Utopia Tables, (1) Jacuzzi Table, (1) Couples Room w/ two traditional tables, (1) pedicure chair, (2) yoni steam chairs, (1) waxing table & (2) traditional massage/facial tables. Please do not double book.

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