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At B. Bliss Spa, we offer a wide variety of spa services in Indianapolis. Learn more about our body scrubs, steam treatments, and more below, and then contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Tour — FREE! 10-Minutes

Schedule a tour at B. Bliss Spa and experience the exclusive Utopia Table with a complimentary five-minute neck massage! Please note that the weight limit for the Utopia Table is 275 pounds.

Jacuzzi Table Scrub — $65-85/30-45-Minutes

Relax in our Jacuzzi table featuring twelve pulsating jets all over your body! Start with a salt soak, followed by a luxurious full-body scrub. Then, step next door to the Utopia Table for body butter application.

Jacuzzi Table Soak — $15-65/10-60-Minutes

Soak in our invigorating Jacuzzi table with Epsom salts, bubbles, or a bath bomb.

Jacuzzi Table Combo with Massage — $315/60-Minutes

Relax in the Jacuzzi Tub as 12 jets invigorate your body with your choice of scented bath bomb then receive a body exfoliation with our luxurious sugar scrub. Next, step next door and enjoy an amazing more...

Yoni Steam — $35-55/30-50-Minutes

Yoni steam is a vaginal steaming treatment with herbal remedies to enhance and cleanse your reproductive organs. Yoni steams are great for relieving stress, depression, and generalized pain. The herbs we use include mugwort, wormwood, chamomile, calendula, basil, and oregano which help ease hemorrhoids, period cramps, infections, hormone imbalances, headaches, fatigue, and more. Please note that the weight limit for the yoni steam chair is 250 pounds.

Meditation On the Utopia Table With One Add-On — $10-75/15-150-Minutes

If you’re stressed out, there’s nothing better than a meditation (nap) session on our exclusive Utopia Table — a waterbed massage table that vibrates to the music of your choice! Add-on options include a parking garage pass, aromatherapy diffuser, weighted blanket, or Biofreeze application.

Triple Threat: #WhiteNoiseWasted w/Jacuzzi Table Scrub — $210-300/105-165-minutes

The ultimate relaxation treatment! Start with a soak on the Jacuzzi table and a full body scrub. Then, step next door for a massage on the Utopia Table with a weighted blanket, aromatherapy diffuser, a CBD gummy, and one additional add-on of your choice. Afterward, experience an express facial customized for your skin.

Ready to relax with our spa services? Contact us at B. Bliss Spa in Indianapolis today!

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