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At B. Bliss Spa, we provide a variety of holistic bodywork and massage services to help you feel your best. Learn more below and contact us today to schedule an appointment at our wellness spa in Indianapolis!

Blissed Off! Couples Retreat — $380/60-Minutes

Enjoy a soak in the Jacuzzi Table, next meditate on the Utopia Table then swap! End with a massage with 3 add-ons per person. Price is for both people with 6 add-ons, wine and gummies. Please book partner B for $0 and note add-ons in the intake form. Soak and meditation takes 30 mins, remainder is massage time. Choose from Arnica gel, Biofreeze, CBD oil, bamboo, cupping, foot scrub, back scrub, deep tissue, hot stones, peppermint scalp massage, thai poultice, parking garage pass or weighted blanket.

Back to Back Massage & Meditation — $180/60-Minutes

One person lays on the Utopia Table while the other person gets a customized therapeutic massage on a traditional table in separate rooms then swap! The best of both relaxation worlds! This service includes 2 customized therapeutic massages on a traditional table by one massage therapist & 2 meditation sessions on the Utopia Table,. may be substituted for the Jacuzzi Table salt soak )...60 mins= 30 mins each 90mins = 45 mins each, 120 mins =60 mins each, 180 mins=90 mins each

Swedish Massage — $105/60-Minutes | On Utopia Table — $125/60-Minutes

Swedish massage uses firm but gentle pressure to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension. It’s a classic massage that helps reduce stress and allows you to slip into a calm state of relaxation with smooth, gliding strokes.

Deep Tissue Massage — $115/60-Minutes | On Utopia Table — $135/60-minutes

Designed to remove severe tension, deep tissue massage is a technique used to relieve both muscles and connective tissue below the surface. It helps to improve the range of motion and heal injuries below the surface.

Couples Massage Room — $260/60-Minutes

We’ve curated the perfect romantic date — a candlelit room with two glasses of wine, two CBD gummies, aromatherapy, rose petals, the music of your choice, and two Swedish massages.

Couples Retreat — $285/90-Minutes

Enjoy a meditation session on the Utopia Table, followed by a soak in our relaxing Jacuzzi Table, then swap with your partner. Next, step into our couples' room for an amazing massage, wine, aromatherapy, CBD gummies, candles, and rose petals.

Blissed Off! Massage Package — $155/60-minutes | Couples — $320/60-Minutes

A fully customized therapeutic massage with a CBD gummy, plus your choice of any three add-ons*.

The WORKS Massage Package — $175/60-Minutes

Your choice of massage with a CBD gummy and any five add-ons* included.

*Add-ons include the Utopia Table, Arnica gel, Biofreeze, CBD salve, aromatherapy diffuser, bamboo, Cloud 9 cupping, foot/hand/back exfoliation, hot stone therapy, peppermint scalp massage, Thai poultice, a parking garage pass, or weighted blanket.

#WhiteNoiseWasted Massage Package — $150/75-minutes

Treat yourself to the most relaxing Swedish massage ever. Start with hot stones on the back and an aromatherapy diffuser, followed by an express 30-minute facial, a peppermint scalp massage, and ending with a CBD gummy and weighted blanket atop the Utopia Table.

Utopia Table

Utopia Table

We are the home of the Utopia Table — a vibrating waterbed massage table. All of our bodywork and massage services are available to be done on the Utopia Table, excluding any couples’ massage packages. Please note that the weight limit for the Utopia Table is 275 pounds. Contact us to learn more about this exclusive offering!

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